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Rachel Percy

I am a newbie to the BSAC world and cold-water diving, having completed all of my current training in the warm waters of Australia with another agency. I have now mastered diving with a drysuit in the chilly UK waters and am undertaking a new challenge to obtain the BSAC Advanced Diver certification. I like diving new locations and enjoy seeing both marine life and exploring wrecks – and as they’re still relatively novel, I am also partial to a trip to a UK quarry!

I am looking forward to getting involved with planning trips for the club and possibly gaining instructor status when I have more UK experience under my belt.

Treasurer – responsible for the club finances.

Kevin Walton

As a diver with BSAC18 for over 12 years I have very much enjoyed being part of a very active dive club which has, via colleagues and friends developed my diving skills to Dive Leader and Instructor. The close support that I received inspired me to instruct and develop other divers and as part of my role as Diving Officer I intend to continue this ethos of BSAC18 to the degree all divers have opportunities to develop their skills to the level they wish to dive. Personally, UK waters whether it be deep wreck or shallow landscape diving remain my favourite locations although warm water diving also has its distinct advantages. It’s my passion that BSAC18 will offer all training possibilities and will also provide a close supportive diving club whereby all members will enjoy the pleasures of the seas. I became the DO in 2022.

Diving Officer – responsible for all diving activities within the branch including approval of all club dive trips. The link to and from BSAC national on all diving related issues for the club. Also organising the training within the branch, providing help and advice.

Richard Ward

Member of over twenty years and current Welfare Officer for the club.

Welfare Officer – responsible for welfare within the club, following the national body guidance on good practice, and ensuring that the club, and all it’s activities, provide a safe and welcoming  environment for all.


Karl Hemming

I started diving with BSAC18 Huddersfield in 2006 after seeing the divers training at the pool in Huddersfield. A quick email query, and soon I was in the pool being trained. I joined the committee after a few years and became Treasurer and Membership Secretary. A few years ago, I qualified as an Open Water Instructor. Teaching and instructing is a satisfying part of being a diver and gives me lots of chance to practise those crucial skills. Other than instructing, I enjoy all sorts of diving, mostly UK, but I have been known to venture into warm water – Mediterranean, Red Sea, Azores, Galapagos, and even the cold waters of Newfoundland. Favourite type of dive is a wreck teeming with life – the best of both worlds.

Membership Secretary – responsible for the management of the membership details.

Alex Diffley

A BSAC convert having dived with another agency for a few years currently building up to Dive leader as a new club member. An avid freediver as well as SCUBA more intrigued by marine life than metal. Recently made the error of discovering the bottomless money pit that is underwater photography,  so will often be found at the back of the dive group adjusting settings to capture the less-than-perfect shot of another nudibranch.

Secretary – Responsible for communications, monthly committee meeting minute-taking and running of the club’s social media pages.

Steve Moore

A relative newbie, taking diving up in 2015 as a challenge to enable me to dive on holiday with my eldest son, who is a diver in the army. The new hobby very quickly escalated as my youngest son and his girlfriend decided they would also like to learn (at my expense of course!). I have done 148 dives and proud that I recently completed the Dive Leader course, looking forward to using these new skills on my holidays. I enjoy trespassing into the underwater world with its vast array of wildlife and hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. Favourite dive location has to be Lanzarote – its warm! with a great dive centre, quite a selection of marine life (including my favourite seahorses) and quite stunning underwater lava tubes. I find diving rewarding, therapeutic and very socially satisfying, making many great new friends. The committee is an excellent way of getting involved with the club and its members.

Equipment Officer – responsible (under the watchful eye of Ray) for the maintenance and upkeep of the club’s equipment.

Ray Dawson

Diving 25 years, over 2,000 dives, mostly in the UK but also the Med, Canaries, Red Sea and Maldives. BSAC Open Water Instructor and Advanced Diver. Have been club Chair, Equipment Officer and Training Officer over the last 20 years. Now Chair for a second time. I organise several dive trips for the club every year.

I enjoy wildlife, searching in the nooks and crannies around the UK’s shoreline, taking the occasional photos (point and click). My favourite dive location is St Abbs, just into Scotland. Nice simple diving but with a varied underwater topography and every dive can be different.

I also enjoy teaching people to dive / improve their diving skills. It’s great when trainees do their first ocean dive or master a new skill. It reminds me of my beginnings as a diver and how lucky we are.

Chair – responsible for the overall running of the club. Leading the committee meetings and ensuring actions are taken

Orla Mullins









Committee Member

Alex and Rich Harpin

A rebreather diver interested in diving shipwrecks but more especially wildlife of any kind (Alex).

A rebreather diver interested in diving shipwrecks anywhere in the world. Focus is on Europe though (Rich).

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