Wave Shape
Wave Shape

St Abbs July 8/9th 2023

Waves Shape

A team of 10 divers plus 2 spouses enjoyed a great weekend at St Abbs. The weather forecast was a little concerning for Saturday so we decided on an early start with 2 back to back dives. In the end the promised 1.5m waves failed to materialise. there was only a slight swell.

We got to enjoy a dive under Fast Castle headland because of the back to back dives, with the break in Petticowick before diving the Gullies on the corner.

Again, because of the weather we booked a meal at the New Inn, Coldingham, for Saturday evening which was excellent with some nice beer (Jarl, Fyne Brewery).

Sunday arrived wet because of the storm overnight but soon cleared for two great dives on Black Carrs and The Hole and out into the Gullies.

There was plenty of crawling life – lobster, squatties, crabs of all varieties, shrimp, nudis, starfish as well as the extremely colourful displays or deadmens fingers and anenomies. We also saw Wolfies, wrasse, dogfish (Catshark), Ling, Pollock, Gobies and an Octopus.

Many thanks to Paul and Rachel, Shore Diver and Rock House, for hosting us.  Home – Dive St Abbs



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