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All of my previous diving has been in warm water, what can I expect in the cold waters of the UK?

Most UK diving takes place during summer and autumn when the water is at it’s warmest. That’s still likely to be only 13-15 degrees C, so as a club we would recommend diving in a drysuit to get the best out of diving in the UK. The drysuit gives you an insulating layer that stays dry and hence you stay warm inside it.

I’ve never used a drysuit before, is it difficult to learn?

It does take practice and we will help you through that in a safe way. This is not a charged for course, it’s just part of the support we provide to members of the club. You should expect to do 4 dives to get to grips with the basics of diving in a drysuit.

How often does the club organise trips?

We have a program through the year. Generally starting in March (for the hardy) and finishing in November (when the water can still be pleasant). A typical year will see us organsing 8 or so trips a year from weekends to full weeks or longer. On top of that we organise training throughout the year. This is driven by what our members want to do.

None of my family/friends dive, will I be able to arrange diving with other members of the club?

We are a dive club and all our members are with us because they want to dive. So, if someone would like a specific dive on a certain day there will usually be someone else in the club keen to join them. We have a club WhatsApp forum that really helps with that initial contact of ‘who’s interested’. 

Does the club have access to a pool so that I can practice skills?

Our pool session at the Huddersfield Leisure Centre on Monday evenings is open to all members for skills practice and kit testing.

My previous certifications are with another agency, can I continue my training & development with BSAC?

If you want to undergo further dive training with BSAC you can use your existing qualification as a base and cross over to the BSAC scheme at an appropriate level. You don’t have to. You can be a club member with another agency qualification. You will find that it is economic to do further training with BSAC. Dive qualification training costs about £65 for the materials plus a contribution to branch, varies by grade, and your time.

I don’t have all my own equipment, does the club have cylinders and weights that we can borrow?

The club has pool kit which is scuba gear including cylinders and weights as well as masks, fins and snorkels. So, no personal kit is needed for pool training. For open water the club has a limited number of cylinders. These are available to club members. It can be expensive to purchase all your dive kit so we will support members with information on kit and where secondhand can be a good option. We can direct you to dive kit hire shops.

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